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“Ain't nothin' sweeter than us Georgia Peaches”


Quien es (who is) Spanglish Boutique?Owner of Spanglish Boutique boot at Arte Agave 2023 show

Welcome to Spanglish Boutique, where I, Alicia Reyes, invite you to discover the beauty of handcrafted Mexican artesanias with a touch of Southern charm. Hailing from the enchanting peach state of Georgia, I am the product of a rich blend of Southern and Mexican cultures, a fusion I lovingly call myself and my sisters Mexican-Southern Peaches.

My journey began with a simple desire—to honor our heritage, traditions, and the beautiful tapestry of Mexican culture. As I brainstormed for a name and a logo that truly encapsulated our vision, inspiration struck while I engaged in lively "Spanglish" conversations—a delightful blend of Spanish and English that mirrors the colorful mosaic of our upbringing. I attribute my linguistic versatility to my bilingual brain, and thus, Spanglish Boutique was born!

At Spanglish Boutique, I take pride in fostering direct connections with talented Mexican artisans from diverse regions across Mexico. By collaborating with these skilled individuals, I curate an exquisite selection of handcrafted art, bringing their unique creations to a global stage. Our platform serves as a lifeline for Mexican artisans, offering them a marketplace to sustain their livelihoods in the face of challenges such as tourism fluctuations and climate change.

I stand by the principles of fair trade and unwavering pricing transparency, ensuring that both our artisans and customers are treated with respect and integrity. At Spanglish Boutique, I firmly believe in the spirit of " El sol sale para todos," where the sun shines for everyone, and we strive to embody this ethos in every piece we present.

Join us on a journey that celebrates the intricate artistry and rich cultural tapestry of Mexico, expertly woven into each of our handcrafted artesanias. Experience the fusion of Southern warmth and Mexican vibrancy that defines Spanglish Boutique, and explore a world of traditional beauty with a contemporary twist!